My work spans diverse media, from painting and weaving to installation and sculpture. I explore the possibilities of mark-making, examine writing systems and vernacular styles, and ask how we process and interpret visual information. Frequently, I incorporate ideas from other disciplines. I investigate physics concepts relating to time and space through my installations and hanging sculptures. In my paintings and works on paper, I explore the possibilities of using simple steps to create complex structures. Employing a process of “sampling” or “surface printing,” I probe how self-organization can be used to generate new forms of mark-making and notation. My Jacquard tapestries focus on the convergence of visual and textual languages, making connections between text and textile. In dialogue with the material culture of weaving, I examine how weaving intersects and augments developments in writing, painting, and abstraction.

Specific themes persist in my art: an interest in structures, the potential of mark-making, notation and writing systems, an exploration of vernacular styles, and how perception is shaped through context and relationships. By merging ideas and transforming materials, I place my work in conversation with a range of topics, while inviting close reading and looking.

Born in the North of Germany and raised in Hamburg, I received my MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania. Recent solo exhibitions include Shape/Shifters, Project: ARTspace, New York; Breaking the Grid, Kang Contemporary, Berlin; Sideways, New York Public Library; Diamond Days, Villa Rosenthal, Jena, Germany. My work has appeared in group shows at venues including the Queens Museum, Flux Factory, The Drawing Center, Kentler International Drawing Space, and Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles. I have been the recipient of grants and residencies, including a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, an Open Sessions Residency at The Drawing Center, and a grant from the ArsVersa Kunst–Stiftung.

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